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I'm Kat and I'm an expert at reblogging posts.
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  1. -vvaste:

    some of the prettiest views on google street view 


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  5. mymodernmet:

    Lifestyle photographer Grace Chon recently turned the camera on her 10-month-old baby Jasper and their 7-year-old rescue dog Zoey, putting them side-by-side in the some of the most adorable portraits ever.

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  9. buonfresco:

    19th & 20th century tiaras

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  11. trugazi:

    can’t wait to own dogs with u

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  13. A dragon is not a slave.

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  16. mamalalonde:


    Don’t flirt subtly or drop hints I’m dumb be blunt


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  18. the-one-blog-to-rule-them-all:

    i think it would be neat if netflix doubled as a dating site like “here are 9 other singles in your area that watched supernatural for 12 straight hours”

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